The Maddalena

La Maddalena Porto

It’s the big sister of about 60 big and little islands that compose the Archipelago, and it’s the only inhabited one inside the national park with its historic citadel, an old Italian and American military base.
A road runs across its whole perimeter: 45 km of breathtaking landscapes. Granites and porphyries border jagged traits, creeks, coves and beaches, while in the hinterland smooth hills chase each other.
The Cala Spalmatore is unmissable: two granite rock headlands, speckled with a wild flora, protect three little beaches with golden sand from the wind, looking over a sea with a smoothly degrading backdrop and a translucent light blue color. Three kilometers from the center there is the Cala Francese fiord: between the Mediterranean scrub and the granite cave you will find silent creeks and dreamy beaches.
Easily reachable by following the panoramic road that starts in the center of the Testa del Polpo beach, it is real heaven for children: low backdrops and a crystal clear sea border the finely white sand beach, while a curiously shaped rock, looking like the head of a squid, dominates it from above.
From Maddalena you can discover the other pearls of the Archipelago.