Razzoli, Santa Maria, Santo Stefano

Razzoli - La Maddalena

The Razzoli island is the most exposed to the north and dazzles for the stateliness of its cliff and the shapes of its rocks, similar to Moore’s sculptures. Grand and suggestive, the lighthouse dominates the Bocche di Bonifacio.
In Santa Maria, on the contrary, homes built before be prohibition of building arise: here, an extremely ancient and modest convent represented the safety of the Benedictine friars during the Middle Ages, escaping from Bonifacio. The island has a beautiful beach, Cala S. Maria, one of the biggest and most suggestive of the Archipelago.
Santo Stefano is an island with candid and soft sand, colored waters that shade from light blue, cobalt blue and emerald green, a frame of granite rocks and wild nature: the closest thing to Paradise Lost that you can reach only by sea, thanks to the services and organized tours.


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